Tear-Aid Kite Bladder Patch 6" wide X 12" Long Type A

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Repair Kite Bladder Rips & Tears with Tear Aid Type A Patch
INCLUDES 1) 6" x 12" Patch

If you require a patch longer than 12", order multiple patches to the length you need & we will send 1 long patch equaling the length of the number of patches ordered

  • Tear-Aid patches are airtight and watertight, even under pressure when stretched
  • Tear Aid  patches are see-through, so the color of your gear shows right through
  • Tear-Aid patches are UV resistant and conform to irregular surfaces
  • Don’t throw away that gear - patch it with Tear-Aid

Approximate Temperature Range: -20ºF - 190ºF

Tear Aid Patch is Easy to Use:

1.  Cut
2. Peel
3. Stick



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