S26 Naish Jet Carbon Hydrofoil Mast 75cm Now 30% off

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Naish Jet Carbon Hydrofoil Standard Plate Mount 75cm Mast.  Now 30% off.

S26 Carbon Foil Mast

The Carbon mast utilizes 100% carbon fiber construction over the high-density PVC foam core. Its 12 cm chord and thinner foil section provide high speeds and maneuverability. This mast’s extremely stiff and direct feel offers the most direct connection to your foil possible.


  • New 75 cm, 85 cm and 95 cm carbon masts

  • Lightweight UD, high modulus and 3k carbon layup with a foam core

  • Glossy speed finish

  • New shape achieving increased speeds and tighter turning

  • Includes 3x 25 mm M6 SS Torx Screws to mount fuselage to mast

  • Does NOT include screws to mount mast to board

* Available in Direct Connect board mount only