Ripstop Kite Canopy and Sail Repair Tape 2" wide by the foot

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Ripstop Kite Canopy and Sail Repair Tape - 2" wide.  Purchase by the foot.  Get only as much as your need.  The "white" is translucent, nearly clear color. Compare to KiteFix and KiteAid.
Nylon repair tape is most often used when you need to repair large tears in the canopy. The tape is not as heavy duty as the Dacron repair tape but the lighter weight is beneficial when you need to use a lot of it.

The tape can be removed easily when you decide to have the kite professionally repaired and doesn't leave a residue as other tapes do. Do yourself a favor and never use duct tape on your kite.

A 2" (two-inch) Wide by 25' (twenty-five feet) long roll of Ripstop repair sail tape is the handiest thing to have when you need to repair cuts in the sail of your kite.  This Nylon tape will provide the strength needed to repair small cuts without creating a huge mess to undo later if you decide to get the repair done professionally.  Available in translucent and black.  The clear tape will blend into any kite color and will be almost invisible when the kite is in the air.  Available in 25 ft. rolls .  Width=2 inches

How to Repair Kite Instructions:

1.  Clean area of kite to be repaired.

2.  Lay out sail area to be repaired flat on a table and remove all wrinkles. 

3.  Match up sail using grid in fabric.

4.  Round corners of the tape.

5.  Place tape over cut.  Do not pull or stretch the tape.  Tape should go beyond the cut by at least 1/2".  

6.  Match another piece of tape on opposite side of sail.


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