PKS Smart Wrist Cuff Wing Leash


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Product Overview

PKS Smart Cuff Wrist Leash Cuff for Wingboarding and Wingsurfing

The PKS Smart Cuff is a purpose built Wrist cuff for wingboarding that has two different "locking" features. The first is a low profile "tounge" that keeps the velcro closure flat and even help to prevent anything getting under it and opening the wrist leash. The second is an over lock velcro closure that closes across the main velcro strap to prevent the wrist cuff strap from inadvertantly being opened.

High Grade Hook and Loop
Smart Cuff with Mutiple "locking" Features
Flat Lock, Low profile lay flat tounge
Over Lock perpindicular locking tab
Reeninforced Leash Connection Point
Extra Wide Closure Loop
Comfortable Neoprene Wrist lining

One Size


If you have ever had your wing ripped off your wrist when the leash Velcro didn't hold, like I have, then you need this wrist cuff.  I was riding in offshore wind gusting to 40mph when I was in a gybe and the wing slipped out of my hand.  Poof!  In one split second the wing was gone and leash tore open.  It hit the water then bounced up and flew 20 feet in the air and repeated that process over and over.  No amount of pumping my hydrofoil was going to get me caught up to it.  If it wasn't for Mahi Mike (I'm not making this up) my wing would be out to sea.  Mahi Mike saved my wing and then came back out to get me.  Don't let this happen to you!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review