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Product Overview

Ocean Rodeo GoJoe Board New Color for 2021

The Ocean Rodeo GoJoe is a device to get your board back without using a dangerous board leash.  It adds visibility, downwind drift, and it almost always flips your board upright.

The unique hour glass design of the inflatable tube structure places the self righting buoyancy at a high pivot point. This distribution of flotation will power roll your board right side up if it lands foot straps down in the water, (foot straps down create drag, slowing the boards drift).

  • With the board right side up and foot strap resistance eliminated, the GO – Joe™ is positioned on the board forward of center allowing the wind to turn and sail the GO – Joe ™ down wind towards the rider. If the rider maintains their position with the kite at the zenith the board will simply sail downwind towards you.

    The hour glass shaped design of the GO – Joe™ fits comfortably between the riders feet and does not restrict mobility. The hour glass shape also eliminates drag caused by spray from the boards rails.

    The GO – Joe™ is very light and durable using our proven manufacturing techniques



The inflatable tubes are manufactured with the same techniques and materials used on our kite tubes. 110 micron PU inner bladder with HD Nylon outer cover. Bomber! Deck mounting plate uses the same construction as our foot pad deck plates.

Go Joe is now endorsed by the IKO

The high accident rate caused by board leashes prompted the majority of kite schools to ban using board leashes long ago. However, some people may still think that they can get away with using one. But, our hard-won experience has taught us that there is no safe way to use a board leash and there are no safe types of board leashes either. Simply, don’t use one. Instead, learn how to kite better so you won't need one. If you are a beginner try using a “Go-jo” device. They look a bit funny but they really work great. 


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(3 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 4
    Great for Spotting Board

    Posted by RKS on 2nd Sep 2020

    I kite where there's a strong current and constant waves. I've lost my board several times and had to recover it a few miles away when it finally washed up on shore (because I couldn't spot it in the waves). The GoJoe definitely helps with locating the board and gives it a little extra push from the wind. It's not the prettiest accessory but definitely beats losing your gear.

  • 5
    Excellent Service

    Posted by Todd Peterson on 23rd May 2019

    This product is excellent, helps your board stay up so that it catches wind so you dont have to drag as far up wind to find locate your board. Additionally, I have used Adventure Kiteboarding a long time ago when I first started with lessons. Their instructor Stafford is amazing at explaining the complexities of the sport, making sure you are comfortable with the risks of the sport and setting you up with the right gear. I have purchased most of my gear from Stafford, he offers quality products at competitive prices!

  • 5
    Awesome - really makes learning easier

    Posted by Unknown on 29th Oct 2015

    Although the Go Joe looks funny, I gave it a shot. my main reason was the visibility. but after one day (where I was falling in alot cuz learning new stuff) I was convinced that this is AWESOME In addition to the visibility, the fact that it flips your board right side up and it drifts downwind at (seemingly) the perfect speed. No more bodydragging for 10 minutes to find your board! I HIGHLY recommend it.