Naish Hover Inflatable 170L board, 5m Glide, 1950cm Foil Combo

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Naish Hover Inflatable 170. Wing-Surfer Package with Cabrinha 1950cm hydrofoil and Ocean Rodeo Glide 5m Wing.  Save by purchasing them together.  Great setup for a beginner 220 pounds or less.  


You Get:

  • 170 Liter Naish Hover Inflatable board.  Brand New and easy to transport!
  • Ocean Rodeo 5m Glide HL wing
  • Cabrinha Fusion 1950cm Hydrofoil with 65cm Mast
  • Pump
  • Wing Leash
  • Board Leash 


Each item was chosen to work best with bigger riders just getting into the sport.  The 170 liter board provides more buoyancy and the 1950cm hydrofoil front wing provides more lift.  The 5m wing isn't the biggest but you will be able to ride it in higher winds and none of this gear will be obsolete once your skills progress.