KiteAid Stormsure valve repair glue

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KiteAid Stormsure glue is great for re-attaching delaminated valves. Each tube will repair up to 5 valves.  This is similar to KiteFix Gluefix, but it is not for canopy repairs, it is for reattaching peeling off valves.  


  • Repairs pin holes in bladders and canopy material
  • Can be used to repair neoprene socks, booties, wetsuits and kite scuff guards
  • Small tube size is ideal to avoid glue drying up in tube over time
  • Prevents warn stitching from coming undone
  • A must have product to keep in your kite bag
5g tube of glue

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    Good for valves

    Posted by kevin M bradley on 5th Nov 2020

    there are minimal options for re gluing valves. I've spent hours reading forums and opinions on what guys are using as well as testing different glues myself. Stormsure, Aquaseal and 3m 5200 are really the top 3 glues. First off, re gluing valves is a contentious topic so understand the pros / cons. I prefer to buy new stick on valves as THE best option. Just cleaner and a better outcome in my opinion. However, if you have a 3-5 strut kite, you are talking 6-10 valves at $15-20 each so do the math... some kites just aren't worth it. Stormsure is my favorite as it doesn't stay tacky after drying. Aquaseal does. Both are super strong.