Fix My Kite MEGA 9mm Inflate Valve (standard size)

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Fix My Kite MEGA 9mm Inflate Valve 

Replacement deflate valve for kites by almost all brands -- Airush, Naish, North, Slingshot, Blade, Epic, etc.

Why is called "MEGA"? Because the surface area around the valve that sticks to the bladder is much larger, giving you a more secure, long lasting valve. There is 78% more surface area of adhesive backing to stick to your bladder.
The 9mm Self-Stick-Valve is the industry standard for all inflation valves. Will work on 99.9% of all kites in production. One way valve lets air enter while pumping but stops air from going out. Simply squeeze valve to let air out. 1-way flap can be cut out to create a 2 way valve. Self-Stick-Valves will stick on all bladders. Simply peel and stick to make a fast and easy repair, or stick it on any new bladder. Specially formulated adhesive is incredibly durable and will stick on any bladder material or color.

Everything needed to make a fast and permanent repair is included in package. Alcohol wipe, and detailed instructions printed on package. The self-stick Screw Valve as used on Cabrinha, Best and any other screw valve water kite. Match with Tuff Bladders as well as any other bladder, and a pefect fit for any kite.


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