2022 Flysurfer Squad Footpads and Straps

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2022 Flysurfer Squad footpads and straps.  Two strap system that works excellent with boots and barefoot.  Our new favorite footpad/strap combo.   Comfortable, yet grippy.  No sticking with boots though.  I don't know how they did it but these are going on all our personal boards on all the riders in the shop.  Handle sold separately.  

Fits boards with bolt holes from 6" to 6 1/2".  Six inches is the industry standard but a few brands are larger (Ocean Rodeo Mako's for example) so measure your board to be sure.


The SQUAD is a premium kiteboard binding and builds on a solid base plate. It transfers your input reliably to the board and offers a variety of adjustment options to perfectly match your foot. Decide on magnificent support combined with comfortable shock absorption, slide over the water so relaxed that even Jesus becomes jealous! Your customers will not settle for less!


Binding-set consists of:

  • Pad-Strap-Set
  • Screw-Set




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