Posted by Joe on 9th Mar 2017

One Of Our Favorite Multi-Purpose Products - Aquaseal

Aquaseal - A must have item for kiteboarders! 

What can't you do with Aquaseal?

After kiteboarding and surfing for 10+ years, one thing I've always noticed is the need to have good repair methods and products. One of our shop favorites that I'll admittedly use for more applications than it's intended purpose is Aquaseal. This product is phenomenal and has served me well for repairing wetsuits, leaking one pump valves, and more. We've even waterproofed an old-school 2nd generation iPod shuffle with this stuff but we don't need to go into that now. 

Aquaseal Surfboard & Twin Tip Repair Trial

My latest idea was to try out how well this stuff will repair dings in surfboards and nicks in the rails of a twin tip. Thankfully we have plenty of boards around to try out so we did a trial on each one. The surfboard damage was simply a chip in the outer layer of the paint on a Cabrinha Secret Weapon. The fiberglass was never cracked or Ocean Rodeo Mako 140cm DamageCabrinha Secret Weapon Damagecompromised so this was a non-structural repair. The Aquaseal filled the chip in quite well and didn't require any prep or sanding afterward. As for the twin tip, this was on an Ocean Rodeo Mako 140cm which had a pretty sizable nick in the rail. The board had been dropped causing this damage which also cause a very tiny amount of the laminate deck to begin separating. In efforts to eliminate any chance of water penetration into the core of the board I figured, why not go with Aquaseal. Again the repair was no prep or finishing and the repair looks just fine and should do the trick. Again, neither of these were "structural" repairs and they simply were intended to fill a void and prevent any water from entering through the damaged areas. The Aquaseal bonded extremely well to both the surfboard and twin tip. The finish is a softer "tacky" feel almost unlike a fiberglass or resin fix. 

The Results...Video Attached Below

Overall, we'd say Aquaseal is a must have for kiteboarders and surfers alike. It was worth a shot to try out the repairs on the Cabrinha Secret Weapon and Ocean Rodeo Mako, however it seems best to stick with using it on wetsuits and valves unless you're in a pinch! So next time you're board has a ding and you're without a fiberglass or resin fix, you can count on Aquaseal to save the day! Oh and one last tip, stick your tube of Aquaseal in the freezer to help prolong it's shelf-life! 

Purchase Aquaseal Here! - Only $8.99