71 Degrees in February - And Windy!

Posted by Joe on 11th Mar 2017

71 Degrees in February - And Windy!

Warm Weather & Winter Wind

It's not too often we get to enjoy a water kiteboarding session in February. More often than not, February is the most brutal month we have here and is usually when we start second-guessing our choice for where we call home. Near the end of last month we had a string of about 5 days that were 60 plus degrees and inland where we are maxed out at 71! If you don't believe us, check out this link here... Our 140 year old record was broken and it sure would be wild if that gets surpassed!

Winter Is Typically Windy

While we do get wind in winter here, the chances of riding on water are slim to none. That's why it was such a treat for those adventurous enough to get out there! Although it was warm, the water was still just above freezing in the mid-high 30's and the first brave soul out in the water had to punch through some remaining ice on the shoreline. By the end of the session though, all the ice was gone and the wind was still cranking. 7m-10m kites out there which is always a plus too! 

Aerial Shots Make Everything Look Cool

I'm a firm believer nearly anything shot from above looks cooler especially kiteboarding! One of our local riders here has picked up a drone and some great skills keeping it under control even in some strong wind. The aerial shots give you a great perspective of our unique riding spot here often referred to as "Little Hat" with its resemblance of the slicks in Cape Hatteras. Fortunately for us we don't have to worry about the crowd getting too big. Photos: Brian W.

Aerial Kiteboarding Shot Photo: Brian W.