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2017/18 Naish Boxer, Naish Dash, Naish Fly, and Naish Ride Kiteboarding Spring Release - New Products!

Posted by Joe on

2017/18 Naish Kiteboarding Kites

2017/18 Naish Boxer Kitesurfing KiteHot off the press, we've got the newest kites in from Naish! The 2017 (2018) Naish kites have arrived and there are a couple new faces back in the lineup. One of the new additions is the 2017/18 Naish Boxer which in fact is not necessarily a new kite for the Naish lineup but is actually an old face brought back to life. The new Boxer capitalizes on the desire for an all around kite that excels for foiling, free riding, and wave riding. They say do-it-all for lots of kites out there, but it sure sounds like this one is going to tick all the boxes! Available in a whole run of sizes you'll be sure to find the perfect one to either fill a gap in your quiver, or build yourself a new quiver! Remember to check out our kite trade in program!

2017/18 Naish Dash

Another kite Naish is introducing this season is the 2017/18 Naish Dash. The Dash is a high performance fun filled kite made to rip! If you're a seasoned kiter looking to get your hands on the "sports-car" of kites, here's where to look. From the first looks we have of this, the Dash has a bit of a hybrid look to it showing some aspects of the Torch, and some of the Park from a few years back.

Naish has also released the the 2017/18 Naish Fly which is their go-to lightwind kite. Coming in at 17m this 2-strut kite gets the most out of the least. It's often hard to make a big lightwind kite fun and lively, but the Fly is one of those that turns your boring light wind sessions into something to remember. Easy relaunch and features like anti-stiction windows make this advantageous over the competition. 

2017/18 Naish Fly Kitesurfing Kite

2017/18 Naish Boxer | Freeride/Foiling from Naish Kiteboarding on Vimeo.