Posted by Joe on 6th Mar 2016

2016/17 Naish Kites Have Landed!

2016/17 Naish Kites have arrived and as always, the first impression out of the box is that they look great! While most of the Naish kites have seen few changes over the last few years there are a few things worth mentioning that have allowed for better flying characteristics meaning a more fun session for you! 

One thing to highlight is the new high-flow valve across the board on the Naish kites. While this seems like a minor detail, it's a great simple update to allow easier setup and take down of your gear. In our opinion, its a much needed update to the standard valves that Naish seemed to hang on to longer than most other brands. If you're really itching to get on the water as fast as possible, consider the Ocean Rodeo Big Pump (clever name eh?). 

Another thing that has been upgraded on the 2016/17 Naish kites is the canopy. Many of the models like the RideTrip, and Pivot have more canopy stability now to reduce flutter and increase airflow to make them as efficient as possible in the wind. While it was never a big gripe of mine, there were times when really flying Pivot hard there was some unwanted flutter on the trailing edge. We'll have to see how the updates do once we get back in the lakes after the spring thaw. 

Since there are a few newer additions to the Naish kite lineup below is a kite comparison chart. While the most popular for average riders seem to be the Ride, Pivot, and Park, don't forget about the Draft for boosting huge and the Fly for your lightwind needs. 

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2016/17 Naish Kite Comparison Chart