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  • Ozone Frenzy V10 (2017)
  • Ozone Frenzy V10 (2017)
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  • Ozone Frenzy V10 (2017)

Ozone Frenzy V10 now 25% off


Product Description

Ozone Frenzy Snowkite version 10 now 25% off.  The best all around snowkite ever made.   

The Frenzy V10 is our do-it-all powerhouse de-power foil kite. This radical snowkite design combines the latest in foil kite and paraglide technology.

The Frenzy V10 is an amazing all round de-powerable foil covering many aspects of Snowkiting from freeride to freestyle. It is the same kite design as the 2015 model, with refinement to the Internal Re-Ride Release System.

Smooth and progressive depower with a tight and powerful turn makes freestyle fun with great pop for jumps and constant pull when unhooked. The Frenzy V10's enhanced stability also makes difficult backcountry rides and mountain climbing passages more accessible and enjoyable.

The leading edge is reinforced with flexible lightweight plastic battens to maintain the shape of the profile during angle of attack changes and turbulent airflow; this increases stability and overall performance. Our new reflex profile offers ultimate stability in gusty winds and backcountry conditions. Optimized strap positions distribute load more evenly throughout the sail. Incorporating open cells allows for easier inflation and deflation when packing.

Tech Specs:

  • Do-it-all powerhouse de-powerable foil.
  • Latest foil kite and paraglider design technology.
  • Freestyle, freeride, and backcountry machine.
  • Industry Leading Re-Ride Release System - looses all power in the kite and ready to ride after activating again.
  • Reflex profile enhances stability when depowered.
  • Optimized strap positions distribute load more evenly throughout the sail.
  • Open cells allow for easier inflation and deflation when packing.
  • Light weight plastic battens in leading edge for extra stability and cleaner leading edge.
  • Velcro openings in the tip to remove debris and snow.
  • Double pulley speed-system with high spec Ronstan Orbit ball bearing pulleys.
  • Velcro openings in the tip to remove debris and snow.
  • Heavy duty, technical mountain backpack with clip-to harness connection. Has enough volume to fit 2 kites and day supplies.
  • Exceptional hand checked Ozone factory construction using the highest quality materials.
  • Contact Snow Control System with 500kg front/300kg back lines, and Brake Stall handle to land and re-launch the kite with ease.



Internal Re-Ride Safety System:

The all new Internal Re-Ride Safety System is the result of intense research and development with the aim to create the safest system on the market. The goal was to have a re-ride system that once activated the kite can easily be re-launched without having to untangle or clear any lines. The new system stalls the kite with an internal line – the kite depowers instantly without tangling and will sit on the ground ready to re-launch when you’re ready again.

Another big advantage of our Internal Re-Ride Safety System is the landing and secure option. We have added the Secure Loop in the line approx 2m away from the rider. To land the kite with no pull simply pull the 5th line through the chicken loop until you reach the Secure Loop. The kite will stall and fall to the ground without any pull. Use the Secure Loop in the 5th line to keep the kite on the ground - it can either be hooked onto a carabineer on your harness or onto the bar horn. This makes landing and packing your kite safe and easy even in high winds.

We thoroughly enjoyed developing and testing the Internal Re-Ride Safety System throughout the last season. It has made mountain climbing and packing on top so much more enjoyable, safe, easy and quick for the user.

Please note, the new Internal Re-Ride Safety System cannot be upgraded to any older kites as it includes lines that are running inside your kite. Also, for reverse launch and light wind landing we have kept the Brake Stall Handle between the back leader lines.


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