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  • Ocean Rodeo Flite Aluula Kite
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  • Ocean Rodeo Flite Aluula Kite
  • Ocean Rodeo Flite Aluula Kite
  • Ocean Rodeo Flite Aluula Kite
  • Ocean Rodeo Flite Aluula Kite
  • Ocean Rodeo Flite Aluula Kite
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  • Ocean Rodeo Flite Aluula Kite
  • Ocean Rodeo Flite Aluula Kite
  • Ocean Rodeo Flite Aluula Kite
  • Ocean Rodeo Flite Aluula Kite
  • Ocean Rodeo Flite Aluula Kite

Ocean Rodeo Flite Aluula Kite


Product Description

2020 Ocean Rodeo Flite Aluula Kite  New kites arriving weekly!

Sizes: 12, 14.5, 17m LIGHTWIND FREERIDE

Ocean Rodeo is proud to introduce yet another game changer. An all-new series of kites built with the Aluula BLACK material, which features a graphene-enhanced composite that weighs just 68gsm (grams per square meter). To compare, traditional Dacron comes in at around 150gsm. UV stable and virtually unrippable, the Aluula BLACK composite can also withstand higher inflation pressures.



Forget compromise.The Flite featuring Aluula is a 3-strut kite that is highly responsive yet lighter than current no-strut kites, providing optimum light-wind performance, while retaining precision and control in increased wind speeds.The extreme light weight, combined with the stiff yet reactive Aluula air frame technology, means larger kites become supercharged, allowing performance levels to increase exponentially.To further build on the enhancements provided by Aluula, we have fine-tuned all our light wind manufacturing techniques and components, with the Flite Ultra Lite canopy using proven D2 double ripstop from Teijin.Incredibly responsive, the Flite excels in all riding styles and with whichever board you are riding.The days of compromise are over. The Flite featuring Aluula is the world’s lightest, strongest, and highest performing light-wind kite!Sizes: 12, 14.5, 17Weights:
14.5m – 4.9 lb / 2.2 kg
12, 17m – TBA



Alongside this, the Aluula bladder technology brings additional weight savings and performance gains: Aluula film weighs in at only 42gsm, compared to PU films that are traditionally in the 100gsm range. Inflated to a standard pressure of 8psi, the Aluula air frame is 50% stiffer than current Dacron/PU bladder air frames, with 20x more resilience to tearing against standard Dacron, and yet half the weight…


The resulting stiffness combined with the extreme light weight delivered by Aluula transforms inflatable kites into precision control wings unlike anything we have experienced during our 20 years of kite design.


With no need to reduce struts, a 3-strut Aluula frame kite becomes lighter than leading no-strut kites, and, with flex designed into the air frame, these ultra light 3-strut kites perform through the entire wind range, delivering new levels of performance for jumping, drifting, turning, and water relaunch.



Founded by a team of highly experienced chemists and engineers based in rugged British Columbia, Canada, Aluula is a company that started out with one goal; To make a material that is lighter and stronger.

In partnering with Ocean Rodeo, Aluula not only achieved this goal, they developed a revolutionary new array of ultra light, ultra strong composite materials and innovative new manufacturing techniques.


The Aluula Project heralds the introduction of a brand new composite material with a near-endless wealth of potential. But to us it means a lot more than that…

This collaborative venture represents years of effort by Ocean Rodeo to examine every single aspect of our kites’ construction for ways to reduce weight while preserving or enhancing their strength and integrity.


Partnering with Aluula marks the latest significant and exciting step in this ongoing process. The introduction of these new super light and strong composite materials brings a whole new dimension to our weight-saving efforts, and opens the door to many years of exciting kite performance increases, as we further refine our relationship with these phenomenal new materials. 


Using a carefully selected mix of Dacron and ripstop, we have created a super light yet rugged 3-strut air frame.


Product Videos

Aluula Kite Review 12:54

Kitesurfing Magazine's, Editor-in-Chief, John Bryja reviews the new Aluula construction Ocean Rodeo Roam Freeride-Foil/Surf kite. Aluula is a revolutionary new lightweight kite material that almost cuts a kites weight in half! John Bryja took the new Aluula built Roam kite for a full week of testing in Cayo Guillermo, Cuba. Conditions ranged from everything from 0 to almost 30 knots during the course of the trip. #kitesurfingmagazine #Aluula

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