Cabrinha Double Agent Deck 2020

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2020 Cabrinha Double Agent Foil Board

Returning for continued fun on the foil, the 2020 Cabrinha Double Agent has been redesigned to keep things fresh above water or on (with or without a foil). Featuring a wood construction and a multitude of strap configurations, the less buoyant design of the Double Agent allows the board to be comfortably ridden with straps in any configuration possible, as well as strapless.

The Cabrinha Double Agent foil is a fun, affordable, and above all easy-to-use foil. 

The Cabrinha Double Agent Hydrofoil has a lot to like. The deck is a compression molded construction, a construction reminiscent of your standard twnitip (think Liquid Force Edge). This makes for a durable, light weight deck that’s ideal for travel. With the option to add fins, it can also be converted into a fun little surf skate directional. Because of the thin profile of the deck, the Double Agent is surprisingly easy to get up on without straps (although they are included). The thin rails make the board easy to pull up on its edge, and the deck pad has enough texture to help keep your feet in place long enough to take that first power stroke.